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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance 

For Hassle Free Pool Service Call Our Office Today! 704-899-5509

At Carolinas Pool Cleaning we care about your swimming pool and the service it receives. We strive to ensure that your experience is a great one from beginning to end. With certified technicians and continuous staff training you can trust that your swimming pool is getting the care it needs. We offer a full range of pool and spa services that include weekly cleaning & maintenance to pool openings and closing. We currently service Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Give our office a call today and see why more families are trusting Carolinas Pool Cleaning to take care of their pools.  

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Swimming Pool & Spa Cleaning Services:

Weekly Swimming Pool Cleaning 

Bi-Weekly Swimming Pool Cleaning 

One Time Cleaning 

Green To Clean

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Pool & Spa Cleaning/Maintenance:

Brushing (walls, floors, benches, waterline & steps) • Skimming • Vacuuming • Emptying Baskets (Skimmers, Pump) • Backwashing (as needed) • Waterline Tile Cleaning • Robot Cleaning • Equipment Check • Chemical Testing & Balancing

 One free filter cleaning per year when you sign up for weekly service. 

No Contracts for Residential Service.

Comprehensive reports emailed after each service that include all chemical levels, all chemicals added to pool and a picture of your clean swimming pool. 

Pool Opening:

Removal, Cleaning & Folding of Cover • Removal of Gizzmos & Plugs • Refilling of Pool Water Level • Re-Assembly of Pool Equipment • Start Up Chemicals • Inspection of Pool Equipment 


Pool Closing:

Lowering Water Level as Needed • Draining of Plumbing and Equipment • Installing Plugs and Gizzmos • Dis-Assembly of Equipment (As Needed) • End of Season Chemicals & Installation of Pool Cover 

Other Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Options:

Pressure Washing 

Deck Cleaning 

Acid Washing 

Calcium/Scale Removal 

Stain Treatments

Chemical Checks

Equipment Repairs & Upgrades  

Filter Cleaning 

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